Vendor Love: Et Løfte Events

March 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hey, hey, it’s Friday…time for some Vendor Looooooove.

Today, the spotlight shines on a *very* important piece of the wedding vendor puzzle – your Wedding Planner. I’m one of those people who firmly believes that almost every couple can benefit from the services of a Wedding Planner, whether it’s wedding day management, month-of management or full-service planning. There is a Wedding Planner out there to suit every style and budget, and hiring a planner can actually *save* you money and help keep your budget on track, not to mention lessen your stress considerably.

So – what kind of planner would I be hiring if I were to do it all over again (and the thought crosses my mind daily, working in this industry)? Someone who specializes in events that are unique, who thinks outside the box, who brings that flair for something just a little bit different.

Someone exactly like Melissa Nowakowski from Et Løfte Events in Toronto.

Et Løfte Events is a wedding & event planning company that specializes in weddings that have an innovative spin. Et Løfte Events strongly believes that every couple is truly unique and that no wedding should emulate another, and Melissa uses this belief to create weddings that are off-beat, eye-catching, entertaining and completely original.

Known for its out-of-the-box vision, quirky personality and distinctive approach to wedding planning, Et Løfte Events can skillfully assist you with every step of the planning from full theme design, creative direction and itinerary development to dotting that last ‘i’ on your invitations.

What makes Et Løfte (which is danish for “a promise”) different from other planning companies? Melissa (a Wedding Planners Institute of Canada certified planner) says, “What sets Et Løfte Events apart from other planners is our personality and creativity. While I’m quirky, edgy and laid back in personality (after all planning a wedding is supposed to be fun right?), I also have a very meticulous side that enables me to focus on even the smallest of details and ensure that nothing is missed when it comes to my clients’ wedding. As one client of mine announced in her wedding speech last year, “I think you’re organized enough to run a military campaign, nevermind a wedding!”

Where does Melissa find her unique concepts? Probably not where you’d think! “With regards to our creativity, I’m not the type of planner who will thumb through wedding magazines searching for inspiration, ideas or trends.” says Melissa, “Usually if I’m looking through a magazine it’s because I want to ensure that an idea I’ve come up with has never been done before. And if it has I’ll tweak the concept until it’s completely original. I’m not about trends, I’m about bringing something different to the table. I love the challenge of coming up with unique ideas and original ways to personalize a clients’ wedding. Some clients want every aspect of their wedding to be unique and different while most clients prefer just a few yet impactful touches that will set them apart from other weddings they’ve attended or seen. I’m happy to take on the challenge in either case.”

I seriously love that approach, and it’s near and dear to my heart, as that’s what we try to do at Hip Ink as well – the unexpected.

Whether it’s implementing a unique concept at every turn or focusing innovation in one small, but important, detail Et Løfte Events delivers on its promise to create a wedding as unique as its clientele.

You can find out more about Melissa and Et Løfte Events at their website, or find some fantastic information on planning and more on Melissa’s blog.

Okay, can’t resist one last photo:

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