Invitation Advisor: What Is The Cost Of The Average Wedding Invitation?

June 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

So, you just got engaged and you are struggling to put together your all-important wedding budget. When you get to invitations and stationery, what do you budget?

If you’re like most Hip Ink clients, you don’t, because most couples have no idea what an appropriate amount is to budget for their wedding invitations and day-of stationery. Don’t fret, it’s not your fault…it’s complicated, and those “X% of your budget” figures don’t really help either.

So what is the average cost of wedding invitations these days? Here’s the really short answer (for Americans anyway):

The Bridal Association of America estimates that couples on average spend $659 on wedding invitations and reply cards.

Note that figure does not include postage or day-of stationery – strictly invitations. So now you know the “average”…but *you* aren’t average, right? So what should *you* budget?

So just for you, I’ve put together a quick reference of price ranges for common invitation styles, from high to low:

Important: Invitation pricing will vary based on where you are located (ie. prices will be higher in large metro areas) and who you are ordering from (a pocketfold from an Etsy seller will likely cost less than one from a high-end invitation designer). Also, a number of factors affect invitation pricing (paper choices, printing method, embellishments etc.) – the pricing below reflects a standard invitation of the type listed. This isn’t meant to be some kind of invitation pricing bible, just enough of a idea to get you in the right ballpark!

invitation from

Online/E-mail Invitations – <$1+
Yes, they exist, and you may have already read my opinion on electronic invitations – nonetheless, it is an option that some couples with very limited budgets may want to consider. Online options are usually priced as a flat rate (ie. $79, $99 etc.), so the price per invite will depend on the number of invites you are sending out.

invitation from

Print Your Own Invitations – <$1+
Print Your Own in this instance would refer to the boxed invitations you can find at your local big box store – the kind that come with all of the pieces and you are responsible for designing and printing the invite yourself. These invites range in price, but can often be purchased for less than $1 each (sometimes much less if you have a good coupon).

invitation posted on

DIY Invitations – $2+
Do-It-Yourself is tough to provide an average for, as there are so many options that fall under the DIY category (online printables, DIY kits, designing your invite from scratch) – that said, you can bet you’ll be spending a minimum of $2 for your supplies, tools etc. and possibly much more, depending on the complexity of your project.

invitation from

Standard, Single-Panel Invitation – $2-5
This would be your standard invitation package consisting of a single panel invitation with rsvp card and matching envelopes – the pricing would cover a range of album, online and even some custom options. Again, the simplicity of the design and the quality of the materials is what will dictate pricing in this category.

High Quality, Panel Invitation – $4-8
Here you would be looking at a panel invitation (possibly with backers) made from higher quality papers, possibly featuring embellishments (ribbons, crystals etc.) and again this would include mid-range album invitations, online options as well as custom design options.

Pocketfold Invitation – $5-9
Pricing on pocketfold-style invitation can vary greatly, based on the quality of the pocketfold and the type of invitation design – more inserts, embellishments etc. equals higher costs.

Standard Boxed Invitation – $8-12
Boxed invitations can also range greatly, based on exactly what’s inside the box and what it’s made of – this would reflect pricing for a standard type of invite in a cardstock-based box.

Luxury Invitations – $15+++
When it comes to luxury invitations the sky is truly the limit – but don’t expect to pay anything less than around $15 per set. This category would include things like large crystal embellishments, engraving, silk boxes or folios or uncommon materials (acrylic, metal etc.).

The important thing to understand is that invitations work exactly like pretty much everything else when it comes to weddings – you get what you pay for. What’s important in the above information is really the minimum costs – if someone is out there selling $3 pocketfolds, you can bet that you’ll probably be unhappy with the quality, design etc.

There *is* an option out there to suit every couple, every style and every wedding budget.

Now you just have to go out and find the one *you* love!

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  • creativeinkinvites says:

    It is so true. Your Blog just nailed it. I specialize in custom graphic & handmade wedding invitations and have come across so many couples that have no idea what their budget is should be. Great blog to share!

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