The Invitation Advisor: Wedding Websites As Part Of Your Invitation Suite!?!

July 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

THE most awesome wedsite I’ve seen in a good long while –

Guess who’s back after a week-long break from blogging? Yep – that was a very good guess😉

Things are humming along here at Hip Ink, with lots of new and exciting “stuff” in the works. Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing some exciting changes and I’m thrilled to be able to *finally* share them with you!

But, I digress…today it’s all about the Invitation Advisor, and so let’s get to the advice, shall we?

So, I’m sure by now you’re used to hearing about all the various parts of a wedding invitation suite – RSVPs, receptions cards, accommodation cards, oh my – but today we’re going to talk about something that you may have overlooked, and that something is a wedding website.

I know you’re wondering what your wedding website has to do with your invitations and how exactly you would treat it as part of your invitation suite? The answer is that it has *everything* to do with your wedding invitations – in fact, done properly, the two work hand in hand to provide your guests with all the information they need, without overwhelming them with tons of paper and informal details.

These days, especially with the increase in destination and weekend weddings, couples have often have a huge amount of information to communicate to their guests in advance of their big day – everything from detailed directions and accommodation info, to weekend itineraries and menu details (for guests with dietary restrictions etc.). While it is certainly possible to include these details in your invitation, it’s not necessary to (literally and figuratively) weigh-down your invite with tons of additional information that isn’t required in printed form. By keeping your invitation simple and clutter-free (one line inviting your guests to visit your wedding website for details is perfect) you allow your guests to digest the information about your wedding at their own pace, rather than have it all thrown at them at one time.

And of course, lest we forget those things that just don’t belong in your wedding invitation package – registry information (never include this information with your wedding invitations), information on bachelor/bachelorette parties, extremely detailed accommodation info, itineraries etc.

One really beautiful thing about wedding website is the ability to share your story, photos (even video) with your guests – how you met, your proposal story, more about you as a couple and individually, engagement photos, childhood photos, stories from your friends and family, a guestbook for guests to share their thoughts – the sky is the limit and it really does help to get your guests involved and excited about your big day.

Another upside – less design time, less paper, less postage, less $$$. It’s a great way to get the most value out of your invitation budget, and that’s never a bad thing, now is it?

Now, if you’re really keen, know a designer or have some moolah to throw at it, you can have a site custom designed to match your theme. One of the coolest wedding websites I’ve seen is this one: Absolutely flawless design, LOVE! You can check out this blog post to see their matching printed Save The Dates – so cute! Or what about OMG. Ridiculously delicious wedding website design. Crazy good.

If you’ve hired a custom designer for your invitations, ask them if they do wedding websites as well – there are many designers out there who will create matching wedding websites for you, or sell you a digital package of related graphics for use on your own wedding website. Here’s a great example from the always fabulous Rifle Paper Co. of their wedding websites.

Looking for something a little less slick? Lucky for you, there are TONS of personal wedding website sources out there – some are free, some offer paid subscription for upgraded features etc. The usual suspects are Wedding Channel and The Knot, each of which is affiliated with multiple websites offering slightly different options:, Wedding Window, Wedding Tracker, NearlyWeds etc. Some of these sites offer upgraded options like music and video upload, online RSVP trackers, personal domain names, custom designs etc.

If you’re looking for something a bit “cooler”, try sites like Wedding JoJo (modern themes and great features, with free and paid options), WedSite (unique multimedia sites, paid subscription only) or MODWedding (cool features, highly customizable and free!).

Or, another great free option is using a blog site (like WordPress or Blogger) to create your own personalized wedding website, without the cookie-cutter wedsite look. The Budget Savvy Bride has a great article on DIY wedding websites that gives you the low-down on how to create a fab wedsite all on your own.

So yes, I’ve been fairly outspoken about the evils of digital invitations, but wedding websites are a great way to enhance your invitation suite with online interactive content that won’t leave your guests feeling cold.

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